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Investment Size

Our investments range from $500K to $10M+, with involvement of our active base of coinvestors. Our focus on early stage and lower middle market companies allows us to bring a level of sophistication not typically found in capital providers serving this market.

Transaction Opportunities

We support a broad array of transaction types including, but not limited to, expansion and growth capital, recapitalizations, refinancings, secondary sales, strategic acquisitions and expansions.

We welcome investment referrals from investment banking firms, brokers, lenders, attorneys, accountants, consultants, business executives and other investors.

Preferred Criteria

We seek opportunities to partner with strong management teams that lead businesses with proven services or products.

We invest in a wide range of business models and industries, including areas where we have demonstrated experience, such as software technology, hardware technology, distribution, ecommerce, business services, and consumer. Our prior investing and operating experience across a broad range of industries helps us formulate a thoughtful approach toward due diligence and strategic planning.

Investment Structure

We maintain an opportunistic and flexible perspective, which allows for a diverse range of transactions. We excel in customizing investments to fit the unique financial and strategic elements of each situation. We are long term partners with the experience it takes to excel.

Our investments are typically structured as a combination of debt and equity securities. The debt portion of our investments are typically structured as senior debt and may be partially or fully secured. Our investments may be in conjunction with other debt or equity investments, which we can assist in arranging.

Contact us at info@harperpartners.co.

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